Benefits of Engaging a Recruiter

Searching for a new civil engineering job can be a full time job in-and-of itself.
By engaging a recruiter and the services of a search consultant specific to your profession you will reap the following benefits:


Employing the services and talents of an experienced civil engineering recruiter will allow you to focus your efforts on your current job with your current employer while a professional recruiter is working behind the scenes canvassing the marketplace on your behalf.


Negotiating an offer can be stressful and uncomfortable. By working with a search consultant you have someone to advise you, or even negotiate for you. This not only eliminates some of the tension of the process, but an experienced recruiter will know what your peers are making, and what types of benefits, perks and bonuses are negotiable.   A savvy recruiter will be able to negotiate an offer that is more aggressive and comprehensive than you may have negotiated on your own.


Getting feedback, or rather, NOT getting feedback, is a pet peeve of many job seekers. Often times candidates submit resumes but receive no feedback. Even worse is going through an interview process and receiving no feedback from the employer. By utilizing a recruiter, you should ALWAYS expect feedback. The feedback may not always be pretty, but at least you will know where you stand.


Advocating for yourself can be quite a challenge during an interview process, especially when your access to the hiring manager is limited at best. A reputable recruiter will have a strong understanding of your career, your abilities and skill sets, your motivations, your strengths, your weaknesses, and should be able to present your case to any potential employer in a way that will generate interest.


Ground floor & growth opportunities across the country are often not advertised.  Maybe an organization is looking to confidentially replace a key employee.  Maybe a company does not want to “tip their hand” to the competition as to their expansion plans.  It could be that they do not want their clients to see that they are short-handed or experienced some turnover.  Or maybe they just do not have time to sift through the dozens and dozens of unqualified candidates who apply for advertised positions.  For these reasons civil engineering consulting firms choose to work with Precision Executive Search in helping them identify the best candidates for their ground floor or growth opportunities; opportunities that you may not otherwise be privy to.


Experience goes a long way in the recruiting business. Matt Barcus, President of Precision Executive Search, has been recruiting and placing civil engineers and civil engineering executives in new roles since 1997. Combined with his group of teaming partners, they have over 120 years of experience in recruiting civil engineers all across the country. You will find that Matt and his team of recruiters are cut from a different cloth as compared to other recruiters who may/may not be in the business come tomorrow. Recruiters are like restaurants, in that most fail. The experience and longevity of Precision Executive Search speaks volumes for what they are capable of achieving on a regular basis for both their clients and candidates.