Our Process

Some people refer to us as recruiters. Some people refer to us as headhunters. We consider ourselves consultants. Many search firms treat their searches as transactional and figure if they feed their clients a high volume of resumes they are bound to make a placement; this job recruitment process is suspect at best, and many recruiters have come-and-gone as a result.


Precision Executive Search was founded on the premise that the transactional, “one hit wonder” approach was not sustainable. Quite frankly, it is just bad business.  We understand that by meeting or exceeding the needs of our clients, our business will not just survive, but thrive. Our vision is to develop strong, sustainable relationships with our clients where trust is built, knowledge is shared, and long term value is created.


Our process is predicated on trust. Our process is built on learning what makes our clients tick. We feel an obligation to understand our clients’ vision and the type of people they need to fulfill that vision, beyond just a technical skill set. Our process relies on us to grasp our clients’ culture and philosophy and identify what makes their organization stand out from the crowd in a profession which is often viewed as a commodity. After compiling enough intelligence to have a 360 degree view of our client and the opportunity, we reach out to our expansive and ever growing network of civil engineering professionals and deliver the best possible candidates to our clients.


Because of our consultative approach to the process, we are proud to say that nine-out-of-ten times when we present a candidate to our clients, that candidate will be interviewed. If you are considering utilizing the services of a civil engineering search consultant, we would love to share our process with you to determine how we can best serve you.