Building Culture in a WFH/Hybrid Work Environment

Building Culture in a WFH/Hybrid Work Environment

In this post-Covid environment it seems like #WFH and #remotework are here to stay in the #civilengineering profession. With that comes the challenge of finding different ways to build those interpersonal relationships and loyalty and culture that are still so very important.

That said, for those companies who are all in on a hybrid or remote work environment moving forward, what is YOUR company doing to help nurture interpersonal relationships / team bonding and develop company culture?

Here are some examples of what we are seeing…some are purely social/entertainment, and some incorporate work & social together:

🍻 Weekly / Bi-Weekly Happy Hours
😋 Lunch-and-Learns
🪓 Axe Throwing
🏌️‍♂️ Top Golf
🍲 Chili Cookoff’s
🏎️ Go-Kart Racing
🥎 Company Softball Team
🏨 Team Weekend Retreats

Please share with the civil engineering community here some fun ideas that you have experienced with YOUR firm!


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