Pure Engineering & Architectural Beauty – Mexico City Airport

Mexico City Airport - Engineering & Architectural Beauty

Pure Engineering & Architectural Beauty – Mexico City Airport

With construction beginning this year, and to be concluded in 2020, a team of 200 professionals made up of 140 different disciplines have designed the most innovative airport ever built, and it is located in Mexico City.  The team will use state of the art technology to build an airport that will be “the celebration of the joy and space of light,” and with the goal of being “efficient, operationally flexible for the future, and above all, beautiful and a great experience.”  The planning and design, the architecture, and all of the systems that will be in place will make for a breathtaking and uplifting passenger experience.

This project is no small challenge.  The structure, which is being built on a drained lake, will in essence be floating on soil that has seven times as much water as it does soil.  In addition, Mexico City lies between three large tectonic plates, which presents numerous seismic related challenges.

As you will see in the video, the team that has been put together for this project “literally turned the conventional terminal upside down,” as in order to create the geometry of the roof, and for that matter, the entire structure, they used the concept of a hanging chain made rigid, and then turned upside down to create the perfect compression structure.

Please take a few minutes, sit back, and enjoy this short video about the visionary leader and his team who have produced an extraordinary piece of engineering and architectural beauty:


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