Video Interview? No Problem!

Video Interview? No Problem!

Let’s just start with this, shall we?

I’m not sure how long Zoom and SKYPE job interviews will be the new norm, but until we beat this pandemic, or at least until #socialdistancing policies relax, get used to it.


  1. PHYSICAL PRESENTATION. Even though you are working from home, dressing and looking professional shows that you are serious about the opportunity and that you respect the person you are interviewing with. Shirt, tie, and jacket for the gents, blouse and blazer or sweater for the women. What you choose to wear under the desk is up to you 🙂
  2. SET THE STAGE. Clear your surroundings, make sure lighting is optimal and that you have a copy of your resume and list of projects in front of you, out of view of the camera.
  3. TAKE A TEST DRIVE. You would never purchase a car without taking it for a test drive, right? This same concept applies here, ESPECIALLY since so many folks may not be accustomed to utilizing Zoom or SKYPE. Practice with a family member so you master the steps to make sure the technology works properly and effectively. Be sure to observe your lighting and background, and adjust accordingly. Also, practice looking into the camera as opposed to gazing at the screen.
  4. NO FOOD OR DRINK. You would not roll into a face-to-face interview with a travel mug of coffee or a bag of trail mix, right? The same concept applies here. Oh, and no gum. If any of you saw Billie Joe Armstrong’s performance on the iHeart Living Room Concert on Sunday night, you will understand. Great performance, sounded great, but he was chewing..wait…CHOMPING gum the entire time. To me, that was quite a distraction and took away from his performance.
  5. SET EXPECTATIONS. As families are hunkered down at home for the next month, it is important to let everyone in the home know that you will be on a video job interview and that they (pets included) should lock themselves in their rooms until you give them the green light to come out. If you are able to conduct your call in a room with a door, make sure you close that door and lock it. Lock the door? Huh? Yep. I refer you to the video above.
  6. SILENCE IS GOLDEN. Be sure to turn off all notifications on your computer and your phone for text messages, emails, news and weather alerts, and social media updates. In fact, just turn off your phone altogether. Or lock it in the room with one of your kids.

Good luck! And if you have any other suggestions for our audience as to how to have a successful job interview via video please let me know!

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