Complacency Kills

Complacency Kills

Complacency kills.

With so many opportunities in this wonderful world we live in, failing to break out of your comfort zone means that you will let many opportunities pass you by.

Don’t let a little fear keep you from calling on a potential new client, advocating for a promotion, or moving on to a new career opportunity with another firm.

Are these tasks scary?

Sure, a little bit.

What if you get rejected in your efforts to reach out to a potential new client?

What if your boss shoots you down on that promotion?

What if you interview for a new job but the company hires another candidate?

Great questions, but these are questions motivated by FEAR.

No one has ever died getting rejected.

You take the rejection, wallow in it for a hot minute, and then move on.

The more appropriate questions you should be asking yourself are:

What if I do win a new client and am able to develop a great long-term relationship with them that generates revenue year-after-year?

What if I did make a valid case for a promotion that did indeed lead to an advancement opportunity?

What if I did explore a new opportunity that aligned perfectly with my ambition and career goals…and got the job?

Regret sucks.  Break out of your shell and GO GET IT!

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