Systematic Discipline

Systematic Discipline

I heard an interesting theory today on a podcast I was listening to and it really hit home for me. People are always looking for motivation or ways to be motivated.

The reality is, the best of the best are not looking for and do not require motivation.

They require discipline.

More importantly, they require discipline to get through those moments, days, or even weeks where things don’t go as planned or the way they wanted.

Whatever system that got them to where they are is proven and it works over the long haul. And they know this.

It’s about the discipline of navigating around the bumps in the road and understanding that just because a door is closed does not mean it is closed permanently or that there is not another door do be open.

If you KNOW what works because the results are proven, one must have the discipline to sticking to what they know works.

It reminds of the cartoon below where the gentleman mining for diamonds was slowly but surely chipping away and making progress.

He was headed in the right direction. It was hard. It was challenging.

But he did not have the discipline to keep pushing when the fruits of his labor were just a few feet away.

When successful systems are in place, whether they be for advancing in your profession or transforming your body, if you are committed to achieving those goals, it is the discipline of your efforts and activities that will lead to your next big breakthrough.

Happy New Year…here’s to a prosperous 2023 for all and may you find your mine of diamonds!


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