Two Cent Tuesday – Play In The Corners

Two Cent Tuesday – Play In The Corners

Nothing replaces hard work. Nothing. There are no short-cuts to long-term success.

Often times I speak to younger civil engineers who feel entitled to sexy titles and roles that far exceed their experience. I’m not sure why. But somewhere along the way, someone gave in and the floodgates opened.

I speak to Project Managers who have limited experience in doing the actual design.

I speak to Department Managers who have barely skimmed the surface on project management.

I speak to Project Managers who believe they deserve ownership in the company though have not brought in or developed any new business. “Satisfying existing clients is the best form of business development,” they say. There is indeed an element of truth to that, but 99% of all engineers are capable of delivering top-notch customer service.

The next generation of civil engineers is talented. They are smart. They have the ambition and drive to succeed. I hear it from them every day.

But if you want to be an expert in the field, a thought leader, an executive or business owner, cutting corners will only get you so far.

Master the art of engineering design.

Understand and master the individual tasks and skills involved in a project, and then learn to successfully lead and complete projects.

Develop and mentor younger engineers.

Lead proposals and presentations.

Develop your personal skills and practice developing business relationships.

Find someone to mentor you in the art of cold calling, sales, and business development.

The most successful civil engineers I have worked with over the past twenty years play in the corners.

Are you willing to play in the corners?

That’s my two cents.

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