“Curb Appeal” & Recruiting

“Curb Appeal” & Recruiting

Is the “curb appeal” of corporate website hindering your recruitment of talented civil engineering professionals?

In the real estate world, “curb appeal” is critically important…if you list your home for sale and you fail to trim the shrubs, apply fresh mulch, add some colorful flowers, paint the deck, and/or add some new accoutrements to the front of your home, potential buyers will likely just drive by.

The value of curb appeal

So when it comes to recruiting top talent in the industry, is your website lacking “curb appeal?” 

Chances are, if it is, you are losing out on potential candidates.  As competitive as it is in the fight for #civilengineering talent, the 1st thing a prospective candidate will do is look at your website.  Is it fresh and modern?  Does it have nice pictures and/or videos showcasing your employees, projects, and company culture?  Is it informative?  Is it easy to navigate?

Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes, take a look from the outside, and then compare your website to those of your competitors. 

How does it stand up? 

Would YOU apply for a job?

Or would you just “drive by?”

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