Geographical Attitudes On WFH/Hybrid Work

Geographical Attitudes On WFH/Hybrid Work

🤔This is purely anecdotal, and I would LOVE to read your thoughts in regards the whole #WFH / #HybridWork movement going on within the #civilengineering profession.

🗺️The bulk of our efforts in recruiting #civilengineers occur in the great state of Texas, and then up and down the east coast as well, from as far north at NY/NJ down through Florida, and there seems to be a line that has been drawn in the sand when it comes to the revolution of the workplace.

📌Our clients who are based out of Texas and who have offices in other states, in particular on the east coast and in the southeast, have adopted the mentality of yes, they can be flexible, and yes, there will be occasions where one can work remotely, but they really prefer folks to be back in the office collaborating, mentoring, and building relationships and loyalty and friendships internally with employees as well as externally with clients.

📌Then there are east coast based companies who have operations in Texas who are more inclined to set permanent policy moving forward allowing for full remote work or a hybrid environment where one spends two days in the office and the balance working from home.

📈Texas is Texas, right? So many growth opportunities and growth oriented firms with tremendously talented engineers expanding to other parts of the country, and embedding their culture in these new locations.

📈Texas is Texas, right? With so much economic expansion and opportunity so many businesses from across the country are expanding INTO Texas, again, embedding their culture into their new Texas operations.

I was not sure where I would go with this when I started typing, but with the influx of companies hanging a shingle in Texas, it seems like Texas is the place to be if you are a civil engineer as you REALLY DO have numerous options when it comes to remote work -vs – hybrid -vs- full-time back in the office.

And for those of you on the east coast who really prefer being in the office…just seek out those Texas based firms who have a branch in your area!

For a list of all our clients offerings in Texas…and beyond…be sure to visit our website, I will put a link in the comment section below!

Have a great day, and I look forward to reading your comments!

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