Are Your Recruiting Efforts Short Sighted?

Are Your Recruiting Efforts Short Sighted?

When it comes to evaluating #civilengineering talent, are you being short sighted?

Yesterday I posted about a candidate I recently spoke with who has had his EIT for 12 years, but has not yet sat/received his #PE.

Last year I was working with a candidate, a well established Project Manager with a stable work history with solid experience in Site Development, but he did not have his PE.

Over the course of nearly 27 years that I have been recruiting civil engineering professionals I have run across numerous engineers and project managers who are degreed but do not have their PE license.

Marriage, kids, work, divorce, health related concerns, and other family related issues had all “happened,” which continuously put licensure on the back burner.

Some will go on to eventually get their PE license, but many of those folks will not.

Beyond the ability to seal a set of plans, if they can function fully in ALL other parts of the role, what is the downside of hiring such a person for a role that is intended for a #ProfessionalEngineer so as long as there is a capable Professional Engineer on staff?

Are you a hiring manager who has shaded away from hiring unlicensed engineers or project managers? If so, why?

Are you a hiring manager who has had great success in finding such folks who indeed make a positive impact? If so, please share.

Are you an unlicensed engineer yourself who has contributed greatly to the success of your firm despite not having your PE License? Our audience would love to hear your story!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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