Open to a New Job? 4 Reasons to Work with a Search Consultant

Open to a New Job? 4 Reasons to Work with a Search Consultant

Anyone aware of a civil engineering firm who is NOT hiring at this moment?

I didn’t think so.

There is obviously a lot of low hanging fruit when it comes to available opportunities in the marketplace. If you are half decent at your profession, I’m sure you know someone who can get your foot in the door with another firm.

It’s all about who you know, right?

I would agree.

I would suggest, rather than reaching out to that someone who can get your foot in the door, you are better off contacting an experienced search consultant who specializes in your area of expertise.

Here is why:


According to numerous, reputable publications, 50%-80% of all available jobs are actually NOT advertised. There are multiple reasons why this could be the case. Maybe a company is developing a new service line and they do not want the competition to know. Maybe they do not want their sub-consultants to know that they are actually looking to keep work in-house. Or maybe company is looking to confidentially replace an existing employee.

The best search consultants are often privy to this information as a result of strong relationships with existing clients. Additionally, we are good at uncovering these types of opportunities as it is just the nature of what we do…we can sniff these opportunities out.


Assuming you are worth your weight in gold, you are good at designing bridges, highways, wastewater treatment plants, and you understand how to move water from point A to point B.

What you are probably not an expert at is interviewing. Working with a skilled search consultant, you will be coached on the nuances of having a successful interview. You will be provided with not just the details of the job, but a deeper understanding of corporate culture, business philosophy, expectations, and the personalities of the decision makers you will be meeting with. You will be coached on how to not only overcome any weaknesses you may have, but you will be made aware of any hurdles that may be a part of the job you are interviewing for. Imagine having all this information at your fingertips prior to your meeting. You will UNDOUBTEDLY be multiple steps ahead of other candidates who just applied online or who were contacted by a corporate recruiter.


Do you know how many times I have spoken to civil engineering professionals who have been extremely frustrated with prior interviews they have attended where they have no idea how they performed from the perspective of the interviewer?

I don’t either.

It’s just…too…many.

Imagine interviewing well and going into a second interview with the ammunition of knowing what went well in your first interview, knowing what went poorly that you can improve upon, and knowing what topics may come up in the second meeting? And, imagine knowing the timing of next steps rather than experiencing the deafening silence for days or weeks at a time before you hear back from the company.

Imagine understanding why you did not get called back for a second interview, armed with the knowledge of where you fell short and how to improve upon that with the next interview your recruiter secures.

Ever been ghosted by an employer? Knowing that there is not ANY interest in moving forward is WAY BETTER that not hearing anything at all. Some companies just have no backbone and would rather fall off the face of the earth than extend the professional courtesy of letting you know that they will not be moving forward. This will NEVER happen when working with an experienced recruiter.


A good recruiter will be skilled at negotiation the strongest offer possible, rather than you settling for something sub-par.

Search consultants who have long standing and successful relationships with clients know what items may or may not be negotiable. These items may include signing bonuses, relocation packages, guaranteed bonuses, timing of salary reviews, cell phone allowance, car allowance, etc.

Search consultants know the negotiating styles of their clients.

They know what your peers are making at the level of the position you are interviewing for.

Salary negotiations can be awkward and uncomfortable as well. When you have a consultant doing the negotiating for you it completely removes those areas of discomfort and masks the emotional element that may otherwise present itself and actually harm the process if you were to handle it directly.

If I can ever be of assistance to you or anyone you know in the civil engineering profession who may be open to considering a new opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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