Be An Adult. Don’t Ghost.

Be An Adult. Don’t Ghost.

I can’t remember the last time this has happened to me (fortunately!), but I recently got #ghosted.

I actually should have seen it coming. The candidate promised his resume to me by a certain date, and after that date came and went it took a handful of follow ups for the candidate to finally respond and send me his resume.

After getting permission to send his resume to my client, my client of course was interested in speaking with him.

It probably took 7-10 days then for the candidate to then provide me his availability.

Once the client confirmed a day/time it took yet another week for the candidate to confirm.

At this point I had a candid conversation with the candidate about expectations and follow up as we go through the process. He said he understood.

Sure enough, he failed to take my calls or even respond to my attempts to schedule with him an interview prep call.

He did show up for his scheduled interview, and according to my client the meeting went really well and they asked me to schedule a second interview.

From the candidate though…crickets.

I left multiple messages, texts, and emails over the course of a week-and-a-half following the interview…but nothing.

Fortunately, this is NOT a common occurrence, at least not in my world.

The solution to this is quite simple.

Be an adult.

That’s it.

Be. An. Adult.

If you are ACTIVELY engaged in a process and not interested or no longer interested in moving forward, let someone know. That’s all.

No one likes to deliver bad news or let someone down, but that’s what we call “adulting.”

Imagine the tables were turned, how would YOU want the other party to behave?

That is all.

Have a great week ahead…time to hit the phones!

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