One Piece of Interview Advice

One Piece of Interview Advice

Here’s a piece of interview advice for any civil engineer with 5+ years of experience that will give you a leg up on anyone else competing for the same role:

👉🏼During a first interview with a hiring manager, try to uncover some of the challenges that the company or department or hiring manager is having. Why you ask?

📍No company / department / manager is perfect. If the interviewer puts on a 🐕and 🐎show about how great everything is and it is because everything is so great that the company is growing and they have an available opportunity…you should consider them suspect.

📍In the event that challenges are explained or discussed, and the hiring manager has expressed some vulnerability, you now have a better understanding of the some of the pain points the hiring manager is experiencing. Should you be invited back for a second interview you will of course dive deeper into the role and will likely have follow up questions from the first interview. AND…you will also have had some time to absorb the challenges discussed in the first interview and should make some time to discuss how you would address those specific challenges, alleviating some of the pain that the hiring manager is feeling!


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