Civil Engineering Leadership – Old Guard vs. New Guard

Civil Engineering Leadership – Old Guard vs. New Guard

There is a very interesting push/pull going on the civil engineering profession between the old guard and the new guard when it comes to company culture. Some of these battles include:

🥊FT #WFH -vs- Hybrid -vs- FT back in the office
🥊Thoughts on what it really means to be a Project Manager (when I first started recruiting #civilengineers 25 years ago you had to have 15+ years of experience to be a PM…now we are seeing folks with 3-4 years experience be given a “Project Manager” title.)
🥊My experience has been #civilengineering consultants always understood that working a 50 hour work week was the norm. I’m having more-and-more conversations with folks who tell me they will not work more than 40 hours a week.
🥊Now this ties to my point directly above, but firms often took on more work then they could handle. This is still going on today, but at what point do you start saying “no” for the benefit of your employees?
🥊Up until two years ago I was aware of a few global firms that gave all of their employees the week off between Christmas and New Years…with pay…and not to be deducted from vacation or PTO balances. This trend seems to be latching on with other firms, or at least the idea of it is being kicked around.

🤔What are some of the battles you are experiencing in your firm?
🤔Will the old guard who has had SO MUCH SUCCESS and are sticking to their guns win out?
🤔Will pressure from the next generation of leadership turn the tides?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic, please comment below!

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