SUCCESS STORY: How One Firm Was Flexible Enough To Hire The Right Candidate

SUCCESS STORY: How One Firm Was Flexible Enough To Hire The Right Candidate

Call me a recruiter, call me a “headhunter,” I’ll respond to either.

One of my most rewarding titles, however, is Search Consultant. I take pleasure in consulting with my clients to devise strategies that enable them to secure top candidates.

Most recently, while collaborating with a small consulting civil engineering firm, we identified an excellent candidate but encountered a roadblock. Due to circumstances beyond his control that restricted his choice of location, the candidate had to withdraw his acceptance.

With this search in particular, we faced challenges due to our client’s mid-size city location and their specialized focus on bridge engineering, which limits the local talent pool significantly. Adding to the complexity, the current housing market conditions offer limited inventory, and we’re experiencing the highest mortgage rates in over 20 years, making relocation a daunting task at best.

I once had a client tell me that he never considers a “no” as a definitive rejection but as a “not yet.” With that mindset, my client and I dedicated an evening to brainstorm and strategize to overcome these obstacles via phone and text. All during the Philadelphia Phillies / Arizona Diamondbacks game, mind you.

After strategizing and “spit balling” some ideas, we roped the candidate back in the conversation and were able to present an offer and work arrangement that allowed for an 80% remote position, with the requirement of traveling to our client’s office once a week (a 90-minute journey).

This was new territory for our client, who currently operates with a hybrid model (3 days in the office and 2 days remote), but hadn’t ventured into a near fully remote role before.

In collaboration with the CEO, we structured a successful offer and devised a plan to introduce this unique situation to the other employees without causing any disruption. With a STRONG pipeline of work ahead, understanding the value the candidate would bring to the firm and the contribution he would make to their team effort, they bought it. 100%.

As much as I relish the thrill of the hunt, putting on my consulting hat and strategizing with civil engineering executives and leaders to resolve challenging talent acquisition issues is equally fulfilling.


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