Two Cent Tuesday – Making it to the Restaurant

Two Cent Tuesday – Making it to the Restaurant

When someone is looking for a new civil engineering job, what is one of the first things they do? They go online to see what companies are recruiting or hiring.

They peruse executive search websites that specialize in their profession, they venture to the Monsters and CareerBuilders of the world, they dive into niche job boards and association websites, they network on LinkedIn, but no matter where they start, they ALWAYS end up on the corporate web pages of firms that are hiring or that they know offer the professional services that match their skill set.

In case you missed it,


When it comes to recruitment marketing, whether you want to believe it or not, your web page can make or break your ability to attract top talent. That top talent will not come to work for you because you have a kick-ass web page, no. But they will absolutely pass up the opportunity to even consider any opportunities you may have if your website is from the Flintstone era.   You can’t sell the steak without the sizzle.

Crappy website = crappy company.  Usually not true, but perception = reality.

Antiquated websites will impede the growth of your company.

It sounds stupid.

It sounds trivial.

It sounds so shallow.

But its the truth.

It’s hard for a prospective candidate to get excited about a company that has a website with thumbnail photos, 10 point Times New Roman text throughout, and that looks like it was developed on a shoestring budget a decade ago.

For a few thousand dollars you can refresh your website so that it is clean, current, and full of content regarding your organization.  For even less you can pull together a half-decent WordPress or Wix website.

First impressions go a long way.

When you put your house up for sale you make sure it has curb appeal because you want to attract buyers.

When you meet with clients for the first time or go to make a presentation, you suit up and polish your shoes because you want to be taken seriously.

When you go on a first date, you get your car washed and clean out the inside of your car because if you don’t your date will lose interest before you even arrive at the restaurant.

So if you want to at least make it to the restaurant, update your website!

That’s my two cents.

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